Big Day - Event Countdown App Reviews

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What an app!

Ive been looking for it since 2 month and I finally find it out! It almost perfect! I wont say no to a new icon in the next update! Then it would be PERFECT!


I love this app

Doesnt allow to choose default Pictures

... Which is very annoying. Time Countdown would Be nice zoo. Other than that: nice

Quite nice!

... But Id like it if you could choose how detailed your countdown will be shown: e.g. Switch between day and day/hour/etc mode (which is missing). Another great thing would be to customize the counter, through skins or other fonts, adjust the size, etc! But all in all its a very handy app, I would even say the best countdown app in the App Store! Thumbs up! 

absolutely contended !

I bought the App, and its absolutely worth it! Im happy i spent the money :)

iOS 8 & iPhone 6 plus Support

Hope iOS 8 & iPhone 6 plus Support , style like iOS 8 is much better

Awesome app

Does one thing and does it perfectly well. Can design your own Big Day view easily and looks great!

Needs Data access

Why does this up Data access? Which kind of Data is transmitted and to whom? I cannot see any reason why this kind of App needs to send/ receive any kind of Data.


Update was not really helpful, because the languages cant switch!!! What about so many Users, who cant understand how to use the app?! Please new Update immediately!!!


So far the best countdown app out there. Love it!

Good stuff

I like that this app allows you to use your own pictures with large date stamps and event names. I would give it 5 stars if there was a fix for the freeze that happens every 5th or so event where it locks up an event when you are trying to change the date. That and the ability to add more than 20 events. Other than that it is a good little app.

Okay app

Great that I can use my own picture for the background. However wish it could count down mins/hours etc, not just the days.

Definitely worth it!

The best thing is that you have days for and since. So nice! But the design is kind of too "optional" I would like to have the choice just to "lock" the screen because the timer moves when I flip through them and its kind of annoying. In addition, I dont really like it when the digits are going "crazy count down" when you open the app, it doesnt really add anything. Except that its very easy to function and pretty as well.

I like it HOWEVER

I wish for the background you can shape it like zoom in or out to make it look good

Save your data!!

Make sure you save your data if you are updating this app! I just updated and it lost all the old trips I had saved and one upcoming countdown. It looks like its a brand new app thats never been used before. Very disappointed!


i love this apps

Older version better

I liked older versions as the newest version shows the count briefly before spinning numbers to the final display of the count.

Love it

Such a great app to keep track of all exciting events.

Great app

I love this app. Very useful.


This app is so cool, it helps me keep track of all my important days like concerts ... And thats pretty much it haha but its really useful if you have a busy schedule and need to keep track of all your important events!

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